Today, the tradition of the master craftsmen of the 19th century is carried on by furniture makers, Skano.

Skano has been manufacturing elegant and practical modular bookcase/display systems since 1994. These beautiful modular units are now used to create unique furniture solutions in all areas of the home, as well as continuing to provide traditional storage solutions for home offices and libraries.

A wide range of colours and finishes give this stylish and practical furniture the design edge to meet the storage and display requirements of both traditional and contemporary style homes.

The main elements of the Skano furniture range are shelf, base and ceiling modules, which can be combined into various sectional wall units. In addition to the bookcase/display system, the collection includes desks, revolving bookshelves, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, roller cabinets and coat racks - over 80 different products. The main material used is high quality Scandinavian birch, valued for its hardness and strength, as well as its beautiful natural finish. Other materials such as plywood are used where appropriate such as the backboards and drawer bases.

Traditional furniture materials that were widely used in the past are, with the help of modern precision technology, turned into high quality furniture that has a place in any stylish home, whether traditional or contemporary.

For more information download the Guide to Skano modular furniture: