Display cases and shelves are put together from various fully assembled and ready-to-use modules (see video) to allow you to design furniture that fits your interior perfectly. The furniture can be re-located, supplemented, or re-configured by simply un-stacking and re-stacking the modules, or ordering additional modules to extend the design. The modules come with either glass or wooden doors.

Corner elements allow you to achieve a streamlined look which achieves a finish very similar to much more expensive, bespoke solutions. Also, a special module has been created to run wall units above doors, desks or beds, again creating a flowing and fitted bespoke furniture feel.

Glass doors, constructed to protect the books or other items from dust, are fitted into bookcases and open upwards. These can be easily removed for cleaning. A choice of brass, nickel or black knobs add special elegance to the doors.

Skano furniture is supplied as fully assembled modules. To assemble the furniture, you just place the elements on top of each other, or next to each other, in the desired configuration. The innovative design which locks the pieces together is so simple and ingenious that it has not changed in over a hundred years.

Standard elements are 87 cm in width, but most shelves are available in custom widths to fit to specific spaces to help achieve that fitted look.

The modular units are available in two heights: 31 and 36 cm with either glass or wooden fronts. A 47 cm height module more commonly used at the base of a solution is also available with a number of door options. For the home office, options include an elegant ‘secretary’ unit or drinks cabinet, whilst for the modern home, units to accommodate TVs, other technology and accessories come with many design options.

Standard wood finishes come in three shades - dark brown, light brown and chestnut stain.


Other special order finishes are available and include: natural lacquered, woodwash, mahogany, black, oak or Mocca.
Paint finishes include hues of white and grey, green and blue.





Skano allows you to create furniture that can be used for many purposes including bookcases, display cases or for storage. Module options, which come in two depths and three heights, can be put together based on the proposed use, the specific measurements and style of the room. Drawers can be added at various heights, and other special units or door options are available, such as the roll top front, which can personalise the design solution even further.

When so much furniture today is mass produced and bland, Skano gives customers the opportunity to design their own furniture solution, whether simple or complex, to their exact requirements. It is easy, enjoyable and can be achieved at a surprisingly affordable price (especially when compared to the price of bespoke furniture). For those customers working with interior designers, it is a very exciting opportunity to create stylish and unique design solutions.